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Does anyone have 500 bucks I can barrow?
First off, thanks to everyone who sent me the best of wishes for my birthday. 

Second, I spent my 25th birthday on the open road, kinda sucks I kinda did. Seeing everyone wish me a happy birthday made me feel better! So far I've driving 6k miles in 2 weeks, pretty good for a green horn!

I know my art has pretty much stopped, I know a lot of you miss my work. I don't plan on doing long all for more then 6 months. I'll be moving to a local gig driving a dump truck for the local plant. I need 100k miles of road experience before I can apply. So 6k miles down 94k more to go!

Fell free to ask me any questions about trucking or just anything really...I wanna keep in touch with you all!

Believe me guys, its not just getting in the truck and driving. There is also alooooooot to it!

Doesn't mean you still can't have fun with it! Haha…
Been going through a lot with my GF, things aren't looking so a real slump...need to get out of it.

Do I still have any fans that miss me?
My gurl needs some help, her ex husband took everything away from her when she got back from Afghanistan. He used the money she sent to him over seas and spent it on his mistress. Laura has 2 very sweet young boys and she is homeless in a shelter for veterans. 

She has a part time job but doesn't have enough money for a deposit to get an apartment. 

If you wanna help a veteran who got dealt a bad hand please donate what ever you can to this link
And please spread this around in your own journals if you feel inclined,

Thank you, 

Another dumb gta video by me!
You'll all find out in a few short weeks.... ;P
I know some of you would like to know where your ol' pal Sketchy went. (Most of you really dont give to shits to sunday.) Well, I'm  not dead...for now. The reason you haven't  been seeing my art  is due to the fact that the con I'mean working for doesn't  want the art for the con to be posted quite  yet.

There is a lot of art that is done and needs to  be done.

Sorry for the lack of art, life sucks and is very busy. Enjoy this video I made in GTA!
I think I'll go with Moonlight Star for her name. Cuz there is no way in hell I'll name her Celestia.

Anyway, enjoy the tour!

I was very happy when this update came out, I've lost a lot of sleep over it. So many little time! Which one do you think is the best!?

To everyone who sent me be a Happy Birthday message.

Thank you, and I love you all!
I rarely do art trades with people, and even more so now. But what I can't stand sometimes is when you set one up with a fellow artist, they don't deliver. I have falling guilty of this crim myself once or twice. 

What I can't stand is, is when you send them a note or a comment on their wall, they just ignore and try to forget about it. Maybe hoping you're just stupid and you'd for get about it. There is one DA artist I'm still waiting on art from 2 years ago. Well, his account is now deactivated. Well, isn't that just danddy?! 

You "traders" really are that afaird to tell me you just don't wanna do your part? If you told me that and a good reason as to why, I wouldnt be this fucking mad! You "traders" ducking me and ingnoring me is what's pissing me off the most.

I'm doing one last Art Trade with the very tailted :iconharmoniousrain: and that's it, no more art trades for me! And it's only been a week so I ain't complaining.

People that still owe me art...

:iconkatputze: sence November of 2014
:iconmetalfoxxx: 2 months ago, not that big a deal right now.
Many other artist on Facebook and real life still owe me trades from months and months ago!

And for those of you very few that I've done art trades with and druged my feet with my part I'm very sorry I did so. At least I kept you in the loop of what was going on.

Sorry to upset anyone, I've been in a very shitty mode over the last week.
For those of you who are waiting for commissions I regret to inform you that I'm closing up shop, and handing out refunds. Something I have never ever done before in my 5 years as a commission artist.

My 2 jobs are eating up so much of my free time.  For those of you that dont know, i work at Oreilly Auto Parts during the day from 830am to 6pm. Nights I work at the Santee Drive In movies from 630pm to 1 to 2 in the morning.  The only full day off I get is Sunday, but even then I'm doing stuff. Working on my cars or helping my friends fix their cars.

Another reason for the refunds is I have so many sketches of my own stuff I wanna finish that have been on the back burner for months. And as much fun as it its to do commission work, my motivation to finish has pretty much died. 

I picked up the summer job at the drive in to make extra money so I can move out of California, so around September my commissions might reopen. Cuz the colder months slow Drive Ins down a lot and I'll have more free time. (I hope)

So I can't refund everyone all at once due to budget restraints. But I WILL refund commissions starting today. Please note me with the subject "Refund."

Again for sorry to everyone who commissioned me, i just can't keep up. Please forgive me guys. I didn't want this happen.
Thank you everyone for the kind  comforting words. This week has been pretty hard on me, it still hits me hard sometimes during the day at work. Yes I've still been going to both of my jobs. I almost had a break down at work yesterday.

The insurance companies are dicking us around with finances for the for the ern and the cremation. So I'm working extra extra hours to help pay for it. My family thinks it would be a great idea if I moved to Virginia to be with my grandfather. So I gotta save up for that too. (Which I think would be a great idea, cuz it would get me out of the shitty state of CA.)

Ugh, it just isn't getting any better...but I'm really trying to hold it together.
  I've never had this happen to me before, losing a family member is a dishearting feeling. My Grandmother past away this morning, the emotions are just overwhelming. I didn't even get say goodbye...I miss her and love her dearly. 
I love this car sooooo much! I think I'm in love...

Ugh, man...having two jobsvis killing my art. I maybe get 18ish hours out of the week for free time. Art has come to a slow crawl, and for that... I'm sorry for the lack of content on my page. I still love the ponies, still tolerate the fandom, and still love you guys very much!

My only day off if Sunday, so hopefully I'll have a commission done for you guys by tomorrow.

Anyway, its 1am and I need to get back to work at the drive in.

She's growing up so fast! I'm so proud of her!